Line 9 threatens [K]anada on several levels

|| “MONTREAL — Environmentalists and concerned citizens are gearing up to fight the proposed reversal of the Line 9 pipeline between Sarnia and Montreal, which would allow Alberta oil producers to transport their product to refineries in Eastern Canada. The project goes before the National Energy Board next August. Despite its many Canadian and foreign backers (including all three main federal parties), the project has many things going against it.

It’s a sign of how regionalized the country has become that the tarsands have been developed as far as they have, because they are clearly not in the national interest. If the pipeline ends up conveying oil all the way east to Saint John, where tankers will then take it to the Gulf of Mexico for refining and export to Asia, it won’t improve the energy security of Canadians one bit, and those who live along the pipeline route will have put themselves at risk for nothing.”

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