How to Fill Out the NEB Form —

|||[it is strongly encouraged that communities discuss alternative approaches to resistance in the event that the NEB interventions do not stop line 9]

1)      Get the form. You can find it online here: .  You can also find it by visiting the NEB website (, click on Major Applications and Projects, then Enbridge Pipelines Inc – Line 9B reversal and Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project.  Scroll down and in the Regulatory Documents section, click on Procedural Update No. 1. You’ll find the Application To Participate pdf there.  Note: You can’t fill out this form electronically (!!!).  However, I’ve attached a form that CAN be filled out electronically (thank you kindly to Sierra Club of Canada for creating this version – hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing it).  Scroll down to page 5 for the form itself.

2)      Fill out the form. Tips:

a.       You are either a directly affected participant or having relevant information or experience or both.  If you are:

                                                               i.      Directly affected: anyone who may want to tell the NEB that they are worried about oil spills from the pipeline and what it might do to the watershed (after all, millions of us get our water from Lake Ontario, which could be contaminated if the pipeline spills into the river.  Also, if you use any of the tributaries or areas the pipeline crosses recreationally, you might be considered directly affected and can write about that.

                                                             ii.      Having relevant information: this might be better for groups applying, who may have specialized local knowledge of an area, population, etc.  But if you have lived in an area for a long time, or have special knowledge of it, by all means, apply under this too!  Note that they request a resume or letter of reference (yes, I recognize how ridiculous it is).


3)      Submit the form. You can do this in several ways. You can fax it in (1-877-288-8803 – Attn Secretary of the Board), mail it:

Secretary of the Board
National Energy Board
444 Seventh Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 0X8

If you mail it, note the Board requests 25 copies (!) but you can request to be excused from multiple filings. 

Or you can submit it electronically.  Again, shout out to our friends at Sierra Club of Canada who put together some instructions:

1. Go to the Board’s web site and click on Submit a Document from the menu
2. Click on the link Submit Documents Electronically
3. Complete the form as per the instructions on the screen (see Annex A). Steps include:
• Acknowledging a privacy statement
• Identifying yourself
• attaching PDF files. Note : ensure files are on an accessible drive when you make your submission. You
can add up to 50 files per submission. Each file cannot exceed 5 MB in size.
• identifying paper-only documents. Note : electronic placeholders will be generated so users are aware of
the complete contents of the submission. You can reference up to 50 paper documents. See Step 2B for
more information on mixed-media filings.
• Confirming your submission
4. An on-screen acknowledgement will appear. Note : this is NOT a receipt.
5. You should receive two e-mails at the address that you specified in the form within minutes of having
completed the on-line form acknowledging the receipt of your submission.
• The first e-mail provides key information about your submission such as the list of documents filed and a permanent hyperlink4 (URL) to your submission. Note : a receipt is generated and included as a part of your filing on the NEB web site.
• The second e-mail provides important instructions that you must follow to complete the e-filing process (see Annex C).
6. Follow the link to your submission and print the receipt (see Annex B) for use in Step 4.
Your electronic submission is now complete and immediately available in the Public Inbox. Proceed to Step 4.
Important : In the event that the repository is not operational, parties may submit electronically by filing a diskette or CDRom to the Board along with the Hard Copy. However in the event parties also contemplate effecting service of the document with a notification, parties will need to allow 2-3 days for the document to be posted to the NEB web site on their behalf before providing service in this manner (see Step 5).

                                Don’t forget that you have to mail in or fax one hard copy to the NEB if you submit electronically.


Confused/frustrated/angry yet?  Documents must be received by April 19th at noon Calgary time (if you file electronically, the paper version doesn’t have to be received on time but the filing must happen on time).

For those of you in the Toronto area, I’ll be holding a session next Tuesday on how to fill out the NEB form. 

 Toronto NEB Application Session:

Date: Tuesday April 16, 2013

Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm

Location: Regent Park Centre for Social Innovation (Meeting Room 2, 565 Dundas Street East, a few blocks east of Parliament Street). 

 Come on out on Tuesday April 16th, 2013, and fill out an Application to Participate form that will allow you to write a letter voicing your concerns about the project or present to the Board itself.  We’ll give clear instructions how and send in all the forms after the event. 


3 thoughts on “How to Fill Out the NEB Form —

  1. Is it legal for the NEB to shove us off like this? Who is there that can hold them accountable to the public? Or are they quasi-industry? I wrote to my M.P. about this.

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